Arm Lift Brachioplasty

The upper arm area, also known as the biceps skin, may sag as a result of aging and especially as a result of gaining and losing excess weight. This situation makes the person uncomfortable when raising the arm up and wearing short-sleeved clothes. Arm lift aesthetics, also known as Brachioplasty, is a method applied to eliminate this problem. Loose and sagging arm skin is one of the sources of unhappiness for people. This problem is especially noticeable in sleeveless clothes. When the arms are raised to both sides, sagging occurs at the bottom in the image of a bat wing. Thanks to plastic surgery, it is possible to get rid of this problem, which is disturbing both physically and emotionally.

Before Arm Lift Surgery

Before the operation, the arms are opened to both sides and detailed planning and drawings are made. The skin that is not excessive is marked only in such a way that it provides sufficient tension and does not disturb the arm contour. Depending on the sagging rate of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, the surgical technique to be performed is decided. If there is skin loosening due to weight gain and loss, the thickness of the skin may be too high. Then, the procedure called liposuction is applied first. The liposuction procedure is followed by the surgical removal of the abundant skin. Sometimes the abundance of skin remains limited to the armpits.

In this case, the abundance of skin can be recovered by leaving a limited scar that can be hidden under the armpit. In most cases, the abundance of skin is in the form of bagging that continues up to the elbow. When faced with such a situation, a scar is left on the inside of the back of the arm. And so arm stretching is done. In addition, this trace is not visible when viewed from the front or the back.

Things to Consider Before Arm Lift Surgery

Smoking and alcohol should not be used for at least 1 week before the operation, and blood thinners should be interrupted. If you develop any infection before the operation, you should definitely inform your doctor.

Pre-Operation Evaluation

  • Before and after arm stretching, the evaluation is made at the first examination. Providing information about the technique and presenting with visuals is one the important factors for people who are eligible for arm lift surgery.
  • Due to the weakening of body tissues and muscles, loss of flexibility, weight gain, and loss depending on age and time, sagging occurs in the inner part of the upper arm over time.
  • There may be flexion in arm sagging, which also has a great effect of gravity, in the back parts and in many areas such as the shoulder blades, the lower part of the shoulders, and armpits.
  • All of the problems such as cracks, tears, and deformities in the arm skin are eliminated in the arm stretching process and an aesthetic form is gained.

The arm is shaped by removing excess skin with incisions made under the armpit or inside the elbow. If there is excess fat, it is removed by liposuction or directly by incisions. Aesthetic stitches are applied in the places where the incision is made.

Arm lift surgery is a surgical operation that usually takes 1-3 hours, depending on the condition of the region.

This operation is not painful. However, mild aches and pains may be felt after the surgery. These aches and pains will disappear over time, thanks to the painkillers your doctor will give you.

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