Dental Bridge Procedure

We can collect dental bridge types under 3 main headings. People who have lost more than one tooth may be faced with the dental bridge procedure when they apply to the doctors. These dental bridges are the process of filling the cavities formed because of tooth loss. It may be necessary to apply to dentistry twice for this dental bridge treatment. It is also important whether this process is suitable for the person or not. For example, the patient to be made a dental bridge should have strong jaw structures. In addition, there are many types of dental bridges in the dental bridge process. These types of dental bridges can be listed as follows; Traditional Bridges, Wing Bridges and Maryland Bridges.

In Which Situations Is a Dental Bridge Recommended?

Dental bridges are generally a preferred procedure for people who have lost their teeth. It is also known as dental prostheses as a treatment for people who have lost their teeth. If the person has missing teeth in the dental bridge and there are gaps between the teeth, the support is provided by the other healthy teeth, and the treatment is carried out by connecting the bridges. These dental bridge treatment procedures generally respond positively and eliminate the appearance of cavities in tooth loss or missing teeth. Thanks to the bridge tooth methods, the cavities are arranged in complete situations and they make the tooth functions fully usable. In short, dental bridges are applied to people who are disturbed by the missing tooth cavity. In addition, it is one of the most powerful treatment methods, although it is one of the dental treatment methods recommended by doctors as a result of people who experience tooth loss being disturbed by this situation and apply to the dentist. There is more than one type of these dental bridge, and they are preferred upon the request of the person. In addition, the choice of dental bridge can sometimes be preferred according to the difficulty of the jaw structure.

Dental Bridge Application

A dental bridge is a procedure applied to people who have missing teeth and are disturbed by the cavities both because of their appearance and because they are not useful. These dental bridges should definitely be performed by professional dentistry. For dental bridge application, first of all, the most suitable one should be selected among the dental bridge options. With the selected dental bridge, the dental bridge process now begins. Dental bridge application takes place in the following stages:

  • First of all, anesthesia is applied to the person who will be treated with a dental bridge.
  • Then the teeth to be used as a support in the bridge teeth should be cut.
  • Then the dimensions of the teeth that are reduced and cut are taken for the bridge teeth.
  • As a result of these, temporary bridge teeth are formed.
  • After the identification of these temporary bridge teeth, the measurements taken for the real bridge teeth should be prepared.
  • As a result of the use of temporary bridge teeth by the person for a while, the actual bridge teeth should be designed with the measurements taken.
  • An appointment date is given for the application of the dental bridge kit, whose design is ready, to the patient
  • On the appointment date, the patient applies to the dentistry for the last time and is adhered to the patient’s mouth with medical adhesives. In particular, for the successful application of dental bridges, the patient’s tooth structure, gingival structure, and jaw structure must be taken into account.

During the recommended professional cleaning every six months, your dentist or dental hygienist can show you how to effectively clean the rest of your mouth with bridges. Meanwhile, avoiding starches and sugars and hard, moist snacks such as nuts, caramel, and popcorn also helps keep the mouth clean.

A dental bridge for the front teeth can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. A front dental bridge will not only give you confidence but can also help prevent further tooth loss or even facial collapse. The sooner you consult your dentist, the better your chances of maintaining good oral health.

It is important to understand that your teeth are held in place by the roots and surrounding teeth. This means that when you lose a tooth, nearby teeth begin to lean into the open space and even loosen. To prevent further tooth loss, we recommend that you consider dental bridge treatment with your dentist. The dental bridge fills the empty tooth socket so nearby teeth stay in place.

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