India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. It is home to many different languages and cultures with its crowd. Although India is behind many countries in terms of welfare and health system, it is a country that has come to the fore with its investments and moves in health tourism. In addition, with the adoption of many traditional medicine methods within legal frameworks, India has an important place in the health tourism market today.

Although the health system in India is problematic, thanks to the cooperation of public and private institutions and the steps of the government, India has achieved serious success in health tourism.

At this point, visa liberalization comes at the forefront of the legal regulations regarding health tourism. The possible visa restriction for foreigners who will visit the country twice within 2 months for the purpose of health tourism has been lifted. Another convenience regarding visas is the visa application on arrival. Thanks to this application, visitors who come to the country for the purpose of receiving health care can get a 30-day visa when they arrive in India.

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