Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

Muscle tears, impingement syndromes, and recurrent dislocations in the shoulder region can be completely treated with arthroscopic surgery. In the fractures of this region, prosthesis applications are also performed in addition to the bone-preserving approach. The elbow joint is inherently prone to loss of motion. Complex injuries such as fractures and dislocations involving this area can be treated in the clinic with minimal loss of movement. Again, arthroscopic surgical methods are applied in tendonitis and epicondylitis related to the elbow region and nerve compression.

Situations where shoulder and elbow surgery is applied;

  • Shoulder rotator cuff tears
  • Recurrent shoulder dislocation
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • Ligament, tendon, and nerve injuries
  • Shoulder and elbow joint cartilage problems
  • Calcification in shoulder and elbow joints
  • Shoulder, arm, and elbow bone fractures
  • Infection, tumor in the shoulder and elbow
  • Problems resulting from trauma or stroke.
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