Although many of us do not know, Taiwan has a successful health system and is one of the countries that stand out in health tourism. It is so successful in this field that it ranks second in health assessments worldwide, according to The Economist magazine. At the same time, 14 of the world’s top 200 hospitals are located in Taiwan. When the cultural and historical heritage and natural beauties are added to all these, it becomes inevitable for Taiwan to be successful in health tourism.

Taiwan Health Tourism
Taiwan is a new country in health tourism, but has great potential, as it started the studies on the health system relatively late. The fact that it is new in health tourism has increased the government’s intervention in the sector. In this context, the government is constantly looking for new ways to compete with Singapore, Thailand, and India, which are in the same region as Taiwan.

Taiwan has many advantages for health tourism. It is a country that has made a name for itself with its quality medical care, low costs, and tourism opportunities. Besides, Taiwan is a candidate to be a favorite of health tourists with its stable political and social climate and convenient transportation. In addition, establishing a strong health insurance system and making health services accessible and high quality increases its reputation in the international arena.

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