Thermal-Wellness Tourism

Thermal tourism refers to tourism that involves visiting places where natural hot springs, baths, or other thermal springs are located. Such places are often sought after for their health benefits and are popular places for people looking to relax and rejuvenate. Some examples of thermal tourism destinations include hot springs, geothermal spas, and therapeutic baths.

What are the advantages of Thermal Tourism?

Thermal tourism places are generally the places where natural thermal springs are located and they have many health benefits. It is possible to enjoy the following advantages when visiting such places:

  • Solution to skin problems: The application of thermal water on the skin can help reduce skin problems.
  • Physical activity: Thermal tourism places usually have pools, saunas, and massage services. Such activities accelerate blood circulation in the body and provide energy to the body.
  • Healthy diet: In thermal tourism places, generally healthy foods and beverages are offered. While on vacation in such places, healthy eating habits can be gained.

Wellness - Thermal Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a country rich in thermal tourism and has the following advantages:

  • Natural resources: There are many thermal resources in Turkey and most of these resources are naturally formed. Drinking water from these sources or applying them to the body can be beneficial for health.
  • Wide range of services: There are saunas, pools, massage services, and other wellness activities in thermal tourism places in Turkey. Such services are offered in a wide range in the tourism sector.
  • Major tourism destinations: Turkey is one of the major tourism destinations worldwide and offers many different options for tourists. Among these options, there is also thermal tourism.
  • Affordable prices: The prices of thermal tourism services in Turkey can generally be more affordable than in other European countries. Therefore, Turkey can be an attractive option in terms of thermal tourism.

Thermal tourism places can often help reduce stress, solve skin problems and accelerate blood circulation in the body. However, since each person’s needs are different, it is not recommended to go to thermal tourism places without the advice of a doctor.

It is recommended to use a moisturizer to prevent skin dryness in thermal tourism places. It is also important to pay attention to the temperature of the water and to use a suitable hat and sunglasses.

The best time to visit thermal tourist places may vary according to the season. However, as there are usually more tourists in the summer months, the spring and autumn months may be more suitable.

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