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The USA is generally in the position of sending patients, not bringing patients in health tourism. The reasons why the USA is preferred in health tourism are generally high quality and qualified manpower in the health sector. In addition, the USA has gained a reputation for having the best centers in the world for many treatments. However, due to the high cost and waiting times, many US citizens travel to other countries every year to receive health care.

USA Health Tourism actually has an important history related to USA health tourism. Its healing water resources have been visited by travelers from various European countries since the 1600s. By the 1990s, SPA centers became widespread and wellness tourism grew significantly.

Rather than increasing health tourism revenues, the USA conducts studies and research aimed at reducing the number of its citizens who want to receive treatment abroad.

In addition, the USA owes the majority of its health tourism revenues to quality medical centers and research centers that have made a name for themselves in the world. In addition, the accreditation processes have a great effect on this. The USA has numerous JCI-accredited hospitals. In this way, the health services it provides are trusted around the world.

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