E-Health Tour

Who Are We

As E-Health Tour, we offer privileged health consultancy to patients who demand international health services, with our international health tourism authority, in line with our long years of knowledge and experience in the fields of health and tourism, in line with world health standards. Our health tourism service covers Turkey and the international area and includes contracted and accredited health institutions in many countries such as India and Taiwan as well as Turkey.

  • A privileged and reliable treatment process,
  • Support before, during, and after treatment,
  • Principles of honesty, loyalty, and dignity,
  • A healthy life for everyone.

E-Health Tour

Why us?

As E-health Tour, we are an organization that works within professional and ethical boundaries with the awareness of being involved with human health. We offer a privileged health and tourism service to all our patient clients.


Honest and reliable

Expert in the field

About Us

Our institution, which undertakes the treatment management of hundreds of people in the field of health tourism, partners with the treatment process of the patients and improves its services day by day with international health standards and guidelines.


To offer quality health services to the service of all humanity and to produce fast and professional solutions for all organizations before and after the treatment of patients.


To be the reference institution of the world in the field of health tourism by combining the ethical moral stance with the work we have done with privileged health institutions.

How We Do?

In addition to the agreements, we have made with the world’s leading health institutions with professional and well-educated staff, we work with contracted businesses that provide comfortable and qualified services in the field of tourism services. All our processes are planned and managed by our expert personnel.

  • Qualified Academic Medical Education
  • Proprietary and comfortable accommodation establishments
  • Good process management and planning
  • Trusted institution deals

Our Values

As an institution that helps others and aims to provide them with the most reliable health service by making their work easier, we always act with the awareness that we work for human health. We ensure that all our agreements and institutions have the same values and awareness as us.

  • Honesty and openness with transparent communication,
  • To improve and protect patient health,
  • Safe travel and managing the treatment process.
E-Health Tour